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Thursday, August 19, 2010


So I have been reading blogs lately, not something I usually do, and I have a really hard time relating to the parenthood related sites.  I have read a few that are aimed at the reasonably well off stay at home mom.  While I admit I would love to fall in to this category, I feel like there are more out there like me, who do have to work outside the home, or feel passionate about both their work and their family, and choose to juggle both aspects of their lives.  I mean no offense to any of these moms, whos sites are filled with their gourmet recipes and spendy craft projects, but this blog is going to be a little different format.  I am hoping to create a platform for working moms to offer support, ideas on everything from budgeting to quick and easy meal preparation ( I am addicted to my crock pot, since hubby isn't much for cooking), or inexpensive craft and gift ideas, or just ways to make the most of each day with our families.
I love my work and I love my family.  I am fortunate, in that I have a pretty good job and I am in charge of my own schedule, to a point.  However, we definately live paycheck to paycheck, so making that money stretch is an important part of our lives, while still managing to enjoy our lives.  A few ideas:  a $79 per year membership at Turtle Bay museum gets you in anytime you wish, which is a big one for us.  It is not only educational (ask Tyler to identify species of butterflies)  but fun (the water table is great on a hot summer day). 
The YMCA has a free 90 minute childcare available to members while working out or just taking a break in the cafe.  The heated indoor and outdoor pools are open year round, and the gymnastics, craft, cooking and karate classes range from $5 - $10 per month.  I pay nothing for my membership in exchange for a 3 hour shift working in the childcare, once a week. 
Friday nights during the summer, Enjoy magazine puts on a free "Movie in the Park".  Refreshments are sold and this year there have been a few craft vendors out, as well.  They run June thru September and each month's proceeds benefit a different charity.  August is finishing up with the Riverfront Playhouse as their charity, with movies showing on the Redding Convention Center lawn.  We stop at the Dollar Tree for snacks and bring a blanket to lay on. 
We have spent a lot of time at Whiskeytown this year, as well and our favorite swimming hole (we'd like to keep the location private).
These are just a few ways we find to enjoy ourselves, without spending much money.  What does your family do to keep entertained during the hot summer months?